Monday, November 28, 2011

Read the Last 24 Chapters in a Tale of Two Cities AND Complete an Evaluation for a Project? Challenge Accepted.

So, the first Monday after Thanksgiving Break... and it sucked.

And it didn't suck because I didn't want to go to school. No, I didn't mind that part very much. It sucked because all of the people outside of the advanced program I'm doing called the Governor's School are complete and utter idiots. Most days, I can deal with their stupidity. I get that not everyone takes school seriously and will end up working at McDonald's or some related chain fast-food restaurant. HOWEVER, I am not even going to pretend to be in the mood when I'm running off of not even 4 hours of sleep because I stayed up until 1 derping around the internets because I forgot that I had school. So, those two girls giggling their silly little butts off in art? I almost threw a board brush at them. 99% of my French class? Don't get me started.
Thank goodness the people in Governor's School are smart, sarcastic, cynical nerds like me. I wouldn't be able to survive the day otherwise. Too bad I need to do the assignments mentioned in the title.

And now that that's off my chest, I'm taking ideas for the speedpaint I'm planning to do on Friday! I'll need to start sketching and/or recording by tomorrow, so if you want any say, you'll need to do it fast:) Infos are on the Speedpaint Weekend page~

~Keep it awesome,

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Forever- The Birthday Massacre


The Birthday Massacre (often identified using the abbreviation TBM) is a synthrock band, based in Toronto, Canada. The band formed in 1999, known then as Imagica. This name was borrowed from the novel Imajica by Clive Barker.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Speedpaint Weekend Video is Up and Running~!

Yeah, I changed the name after only a day xD
Anyways, here's my baby~ 

Saying sorry right now for the quality. For some reason, the video does a pulsing thing that I find extremely annoying. But... that's my insane OCD kicking in, so you guys might not have a problem. Still gonna use another format in future videos.

Make sure you visit the Speedpaint Weekend page to leave questions and ideas! You can also comment on this post:)

~Keep it awesome,

How About That Speedpaint, Huh?

The answer, you might have to wait a bit.
The thing is, I was at a party an hour away from where I live. The occassion? It was for my great-aunt, who is turning 70 tomorrow. Due to us not leaving until 6:30, I wasn't able to get home until 8:00. Not only that, but when I opened iMovie so I can import the speedpain so I can edit it, the thing told me I had to wait over 40 minutes for it to import completely. As of this post, I have 31 minutes to go. 
So, to fulfill my "post-a-day" quota, I've decided to inform whoever cares about this unfortunate turn of events. Should I manage to get it edited completely within the night, I'll upload it to Youtube and post it. The only drawback of doing this at night is that the voiceover is way out of the question, so you're gonna have to settle with words. Next week, I'll have the voiceover for sure.

~Keep it awesome,

Friday, November 25, 2011

Speedpaint Friday!

I have hereby declared Fridays to be "Speedpaint Friday"! 
So what does that mean? Well, it means every Friday (or early Saturday if I miss Friday /legasp/) I will record me doing something in Photoshop and post the finished product here on Blogger. The next day I will upload the final edited video on Youtube and post it onto my blog (edited because there's so much of me just noodling around it's ridiculous). To be honest, the speedpaint part of the title is a little misleading. Sure, some parts will be sped up, but I'll try to talk through the video, offer tips, and explain what I'm doing during the slower parts and during pauses. I think it's more helpful that way instead of zipping through a drawing and expecting you guys to take anything away from it. Sure, I can learn that way, but I do understand that not everyone can't. Plus, I see a lot of complaints on Youtube about artists going so fast on their videos.
Anyways, it would be really awesome if you guys could comment with some ideas for next week's speedpaint! Makes this a whole lot easier if I know what people want rather than randomly doing videos and having no one watch them because they're not helpful or no one's interested. xP

So without further ado, here's this week's drawing of my OC, Onyx! The video will be up tomorrow:)

~Keep it awesome,

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

So today, us Yanks celebrated the lovely day called Thankgiving, aka Turkey Day. Ironically, there was no turkey served in my household, so I guess I have no right to call it Turkey Day...

Well, I hope you guys were able to give thanks to everyone and everything you're thankful for, even if you're not American (although if you're Canadian, you're exempt I guess). Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to continue watching "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving" because I'm such a Little Monster and I have nothing else to do but write lyrics:)

~Keep it awesome,

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Uncreative Title is Uncreative.

Time Taken: 30-45 minutes
Tools: Photoshop, Wacom Intuos 4 (small), my brain

I'm trying to do a whole "post-a-day" thing so I can get into the habit of updating regularly. Blogger isn't as easy to get into as Tumblr is, but it does make me feel like I'm managing an actual blog, not just some thing to put pictures of my favorite bands on:) Maybe after a month of doing this, I'll cut back to a post every couple of days. 
So for today, I drew a quick picture of my OC, Kemono. I had no idea what to color his coat, so I left it white. Any suggestions? I was thinking something dark but I'm sure a more saturated color would work out just as well. Anyways...

 ~Keep it awesome,

P.S. I don't know if anyone's interested, but I was thinking of doing a tutorial video for how I do speedpaints like this. Honestly though, I have no idea who would want to watch me draw:/

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Alright, it's time. My first post on this blog.
For some reason, I feel like I'm going through an initiation of some sort, which is a completely irrational thought considering no one is reading this and I am sending this post into the eternal ether called the internet. On the off chance someone IS reading this... I hope you like my blog, and I hope to hear from you real soon~!


I also hope I can commit to this thing...  .(-.-). Ah well. (<- Notorious at abandoning things)

~Keep it awesome,